About Us

The Redemptoris Mater Seminaries provide a concrete answer to the pastoral situation foreseen by the
Second Vatican Council as explained in its Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests (Presbyterorum Ordinis § 10)

Distinct Character

The diocesan missionary “Redemptoris Mater” Seminaries are erected by diocesan bishops, in agreement with the International Responsible Team of the Way and are governed by the current norms for the formation and incardination of diocesan clerics and in accordance with their own statutes, in fulfillment of the Ratio fundamentalis institutionis sacerdotalis.

A characteristic of these Seminaries is their internationality, which makes visible, in a concrete way, the new reality announced by Christianity, in which there is no more white or black, but only a new creature,
a heavenly man.

Formed to serve people of all nations.

"Fidelity to Christ cannot be separated from faithfulness to his Church. Pastoral charity requires that a priest always work in the bond of commuion with the bishop and with his brother priests, lest his efforts be in vain."
(Presbyterorum Ordinis § 14)

In communion with the Bishop.

"Let Priests be imbued with a truly Catholic spirit which habitually looks beyond the limits of their own diocese, nation, or rite, and to help the needs of the whole Church, prepared in spirit to preach the Gospel everywhere."
(Optatam Totius § 20)

Prepared to go anywhere!